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Alexa Skill: Kara and Nate

Alexa skill

My wife and I are big fans of Kara and Nate ( – A YouTube couple who travel the world and create wonderfully uplifting videos.

It struck me one day, while learning to create skills for Alexa, that it’d be really cool to be able to ask Alexa where they are at any given moment… and even better, to hear an audio clip straight form them, that they can easily update from wherever they are.

So I built it!
The skill is available for free at:

I used AWS S3, Lambda and a few other elements to get it up and running. Kara and Nate record new audio clips straight from their phone and fill out a google form to update their location.

Give it a try!

ForKara and Nate RoleDesigner and Developer
DateFeb. 2018